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As a commercial printer we are constantly reviewing the way our business impacts on the environment and we would like our customers to know what measures we have been able to take, so far, to help reduce our environmental impact.

We know our customers are keen to protect the environment so please read below how our own methods have helped in reducing our impact on the environment.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve our ‘Environmental Policy’ and adopt a more ‘green’ approach to our business and welcome comments and suggestions from our highly valued customers.

  1. Paper: All coated paper (gloss, silk, matt) that we supply comes from controlled managed sources & often contains up to 15% re-cycled fibre. We also supply 100% recycled content papers.

  2. Paper Waste: All our paper waste is sent for recycling.

  3. Plates & chemicals: Recent major investment in our printing plate production now means we use no chemical products to make printing plates & after use they are recycled via a scrap metal merchant.

  4. Inks: The printing inks that we use in-house are all vegetable oil-based & most have a minimum sustainable content of 70%.

  5. Waste: All ink waste & other pressroom chemistry waste is collected by an approved waste contractor & sent for recycling where appropriate (e.g. metal ink tins).

  6. Cleaning: We have switched to using mostly re-usable pressroom cleaning wipes so that they are not sent to landfill.

  7. VOC: We have switched to using mostly low voc (volatile organic compounds) pressroom chemicals & run alcohol-free printing presses.

  8. Energy: All our machinery, computers & lights are turned off overnight (not left on standby) to reduce energy usage. We also regularly service plant & equipment to help streamline production & keep waste to a minimum.

  9. Efficiency: We have recently installed a high efficiency condensing boiler with a ‘Band A’ efficiency rating for our heating system to reduce energy consumption.

  10. TECHNOLOGY: We use the latest computer technology which has a highly efficient power supply incorporating energy-efficient hardware components within the operating system to conserve power.

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