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A selection of comonly asked questions and our answers below

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Where are you located?
In Retford, Click here to view our location.

What are your opening times?
8.00 am - 5.00 pm, Mon - Fri. 

Do I need to make an appointment?
No, There is always someone on hand to talk to you but if you wish to discuss a particular project please call us to make an appointment so we can make sure the right person is available to discuss your specific needs.

Do you deliver?
Yes, please ask for details 

How long will it take to create my sign / print my order?
Once the design has been approved, it usually takes us between 7-10 days. Please discuss your deadline with us.

Do you offer a faster service?
Yes, if you need something in a hurry we can sometimes get things done quicker – please contact us to discuss 
your requirements

Do you have a minimum order value?
No, we are happy to take on smaller orders.

What material can you print on to?
We can print on a huge range of materials including paper, board, vinyl, acrylic and more. Just call us to discuss your ideas.

How large can you print my sign?
We can print up to any size as we can add more panels to extend the length/width.

How long does a sign last?
This depends on your signage needs and the material you choose. For instance, aluminium will last longer than aluminium composite, but costs more.

I don’t know what kind of sign I want, can you help?
Yes, of course, We’re happy to show you samples and discuss your needs to find the right signage solution for you. Best of all, please call in and visit our showroom.

Can I use my own ideas?
Absolutely! Come and discuss what you want and we can advise on how best to execute your idea, if you want to do your own artwork that is fine too but it must be created suitable for print.

Do I have to do a design?
No, our experienced design team can design the perfect job for you, or we can design it together.

How should I supply my files for printing?
A print ready PDF at actual size and at least 300 DPI and bleed.

What should I do if my file is too large to send via email?
You can upload your file for free via dropbox.

Are you eco friendly?
As a commercial printer we are constantly reviewing the way our business impacts on the environment Please click here to read more on our environmental policy.

What is your commitment to health and safety?
All of our sign installing staff are fully trained. We use PPE and can provide method statements and risk assessments to our clients before working on their premises, should you require.

Can you make signs that are DDA compliant?
We can discuss any special requirements regarding your sign, and are always happy to advise on things like colour contrasts, tactile signs and height.

Website Frequently Asked Questions . . .

I haven’t got a website, - what do I do?
Simply speak to us first our advice is free. We can advise on a domain name, a host and what type of site will suit your business best.

How do I buy a domain name/webspace from a host - it looks like a minefield out there?
We can help and advise you on where to buy your web space, and recommend a host provider, we’ll also tell you about what type of package you will need and the safeguards you need so you keep control in the future.

I only have a small business, can I have a small website?
Yes - we can build a small website to give you a ‘web presence’ and as your business grows your website can too.

I already have a website - it just needs updating. Can you replace it?
Yes - we can build a new website and upload it to your
current host to replace your existing website (providing you have the passwords)

I want to update my website on a regular basis, won’t this cost me a fortune to keep coming back to you?
No - ask us for a quote, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised or we can build a Content Managed Site (CMS). This enables you to alter certain aspects of the site whenever you like, via your own computer.

Do you Optimize my website? SEO
SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a scientific process of getting a website ranked on Google using all sorts of technical know-how. Some companies pay thousands for SEO to get to the top of Google using various methods, however the guys at Google always say if you want a well-ranking website write engaging and compelling copy – don’t cheat the system with SEO. We like to use the simple but effective methods of good copy containing lots of keywords, we will also add keywords throughout the site, hidden in the background. We can also advise you on how you can help promote your site using a variety of free methods and also cost effective ways of marketing your site and your business.

Will my site work on mobile, tablet, Laptop and desktop?
All our websites are now created for mobile, tablet and desktop viewing and are responsive to each device, (This is called responsive web design) adjusting the layout on each platform to be more user friendly for your audience. This is crucial in today’s market where the mobile and tablet are becoming more commonplace.

Do I need Social Media
The answer is YES!
Many people believe Social Media is for personal, private use outside of hours but social media is much more powerful than that. Today’s consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchase/visit a restaurant, based on social media referrals from their friends and associations on Facebook and Twitter. A social media presence is more important than ever to engage with your customers. Plus the power of social media conversations using your website or product can actually enhance your ranking on Google too.

I already have an EBay shop, and social media accounts. Can you link these to my website?
Yes, we can build a website with a Facebook/Twitter feed which will update in real time onto your
website home page, we can also link your website to your ebay shop or You Tube videos.

What is content managed System CMS
A Content Management System (CMS) allows the website owner to login into their website using a dedicated username and password and update the content on their website. The benefits of having a  CMS powering your website are:

  1. You can update your website from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection

  2. You can easily add and edit content on your website

  3. Your website will never be out of date

  4. Search Engines love new, relevant content

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